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Top 5 Calming Acupressure Points for Animals..

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Knowing how to calm a stressed pet is one of the best things you can do for them.

There’s many things that can cause stress in our pets, such as other animals being brought into their space, arguments in the house, being moved to an unfamiliar environment, or perhaps they’re in pain or are sick or recovering. And pets who are rescue animals often carry anxiety and stress for months or years, even though they are now living in a loving, safe environment with you.

So here’s how you can massage real energy into your pet, making them feel great and helping you to bond in a beautiful and gentle way.

How does Acupressure work

Using Acupressure on your animal is a great way to help calm their stress and anxiety and there are a number of points which can help calming them down quickly and effectively.

It's based on the same principles as Acupuncture and uses the same energy meridians and acupoints but without inserting needles. It works by applying light pressure with the fingertips to specific points on the body to stimulate the flow of chi or energy different energy meridians, or pathways, which allow energy to flow throughout the body.

Massaging acupressure points has been proven to provide a host of measurable therapeutic benefits to animals. Using Acupressure on animals can help improve any of the following issues:

  • Allergies

  • Digestive disorders

  • Anxiety

  • Pain

  • Arthritis

  • Chronic illnesses like liver, kidney, or heart disease

  • Cancer

  • Old age

  • End of life

Signs of Stress and Release and Relaxation

It's important to understand and recognise the signs that your animals are stressed as well as observing the signs that they are releasing stress and tension and self-calming as you work with them;

Signs of Stress or Anxiety - turning their head away, yawning, trying to lick your face or mouth, urinating, sitting down with their back to you or the other animal, walking round in an arc and not coming to you directly.

Signs of Release and Relaxation - licking the lips, sighing, eyes softening and closing, head dropping down, lying down.

Note that yawning and licking show up both as a stressor and a calming action - this is because animals will try to calm themselves when they're anxious by yawning and licking because they know it helps to relieve their stress.

WATCH how you can use these 5 great CALMING Acupressure points on your animals...

Here are my Top 5 Acupressure Points for Animals

  1. GB21 (Gall Bladder meridian) - GB21 releases any neck and shoulder tension, can help realign the T7 and release T1 vertebrae. It’s located in the long crease between the base of the neck and the shoulder blade just above C7 vertebrae.

  2. GV20 (Governing Vessel meridian) - GV20 raises energy, relieves depression and is very calming for your animal. Use the whole hand over this area and it’s located on the highest point of the head on the bony centre of the skull, right between the ears.

  3. BL23 (Bladder Meridian) - BL23 helps the kidneys & thyroid, eases back pain, arthritis and reproductive issues. This is great for relaxing and also give an energy boost to older animals. I find it nearly always gets cats and dogs to sit or lie down and relax. Use a light touch as always. Find the outside edge of the last rib and come up in a straight line to meet the spine. Then come 1 & 1/2 cuns down from spine to find the point, and work on both sides of the body.

  4. LI15 and TH14 (Large Intestine and Triple Heater meridians) - we use these points together as a pair called the Shoulder Points. These points will relieve tension and stress, and are especially good on horses. Find the shoulder joint at the front f the animal and then slide the fingers to either side of it laterally, and find the small depression and hold the point lightly on both sides.

  5. PE7/ HT7 (Pericardium/Heart meridians) - PE7/HT& are both great calming points and are used together or one at a time. Pinch just above the carpal bones at the rear of the ankle. Some animals, especially cats can be sensitive to their feet being touched and may not allow you to work on this area.

2 additional points for overall health

  • Ki27 (Kidney meridian). This gives everything a boos and reenergises the body. It's located between the sternum and the first rib, 2 cuns lateral to the ventral midline.

  • ST36 (Stomach meridian) This is a super-point and gives a boost to everything! It’s the point for Gastro-intestinal tract and the abdomen and is located one finger width from the cranial crest of the tibia. Note: contraindicated in pregnancy

If you have any concerns that your animal is ill, please always refer them to your vet before practising any acupressure work on them.

If you’re looking for healing help with any of your pets either emotionally or physically, then please get in touch! In-person and Distant energy healing is great for animals!

Click the link below to BOOK and start healing yourself and your animals today!



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