Book a Healing Session


Healing sessions are very effective for both people and animals and you can book either an in-person or an online healing session with me. (video or phone call via Zoom, Facetime or Skype).

An in-person session is very relaxing and calming and is great if you are looking for that  personal interaction and hands-on bodywork. 

If you can't attend and in-person session, then a distant healing session is ideal for you. Energy healing doesn't need direct contact with you or your animal to connect and heal, so it can be given from a distance at any time. It's great if treatment is needed quickly or when a person or animal cannot be with me in-person. 

You can book a distant healing session for yourself a loved one, friend or any animal without either you or them having to be on a call with me - just let me know in message area during the booking process, or phone me to book and tell me who it's for.

A distant healing can either sent at a pre-booked time or while you or your animal are just going about your day.  However it's often better to agree a specific time for a treatment so that you can be fully present during the experience and be more likely to pick up on the subtle sensations that happen during a session.