Reiki healing may benefit you on a physical or emotional level or both!  What you receive from your session depends on what you are ready and open for, and the healing and transformation will often continue for hours and sometimes days after the session. 

Distant Healing sessions are very effective for both you and your animals, but did you know you can also book a session for a family member or friend instead of yourself! Just let me know in the message area during the booking process, or phone me to book and tell me who it's for.


Your dog is the love of your life and your best friend. Your dog loves you unconditionally and you're a team!

The Ultimate Connectionis a way of working holistically with you and your dog through energy healing and bodywork. You'll quickly and simply improve the health of both of you while learning how to understand and balance your dog and help him to stay happpy, healthy and pain free. 

Ultimately it's a way to strengthen your loving relationship and deepen your amazing connection. your dog!

Book a FREE call with me to discover how you can enjoy the Ultimate Connection between your dog and you.

You'll learn the the simple programme we will work through and discover how you can quickly improve the health of both you, create a balanced relationship and enjoy an amazing connection with your dog!

Payment in full is required at the time of booking for all sessions. 

By booking a session you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions

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