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Tarot Card readings by Rosy Watson

Enjoy a Tarot & Oracle Card Reading - great for receiving guidance & advice

A card reading is perfect for self-development and for meditating on - helping you to make choices and manifest the right goals for you.

A Tarot or Oracle card reading can be amazingly helpful when you need guidance about a situation in your life and are ready to live your life at your fullest potential.

A Tarot reading isn't about predicting your future or destiny. 

It’s not about influencing other people’s choices.  And it wont give you a gloomy, depressing story about your future.


What a Tarot reading will do is to connect with your subconscious mind, your inner wisdom and your intuition to help you feel more confident when making decisions and taking action.


A reading acts as a mirror for your subconscious mind and shows you the lessons you need to learn and master right now.

The cards can give you a much needed insight into what's happening for you emotionally & look at the physical aspects of a situation and the influences which are affecting you.

They highlight the choices that you might make and offer guidance and bring clarity and vision, so that you can make choices in the best way for you regarding your relationships, family, finances, business and ultimately your quality of life.

Maybe you need to know what direction to go in with a relationship or your career?


Or you want to know how to deal with a situation or person in your life?

As an intuitive Tarot reader I use the cards regularly as part of a healing session.

Nothing beats a full 1-hour of one-on-one Tarot & Oracle card reading to really dig into what's going on in your life, and you get to ask as much as you want, about anything you want.

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings are all done online via Zoom so you can sit back and enjoy the experience right from your sofa!

What my clients say about their Tarot Readings

Lucy T

“Rosy is such an amazing expert, I really enjoyed our Tarot reading .. which resonated a lot.  Can't thank and recommend Rosy enough.”

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