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Aura Sprays

Love Energy Aura Sprays are a collection of natural and powerful energetic sprays bringing the beautiful emotions of Love, Joy, Hope and Strength into your life.


Created to combine the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, the healing properties of crystals and colour and then magnify them with Reiki energy, Bach Flower Remedies, Angelic & Moon energetics.

Joy Aura Spray by Love Energy Healing

Spritz the energy of JOY into your aura to give you a boost of energy and happiness! Lift the vibration in your aura with Lemon & Grapefruit, spark your creativity and experience a recharge!

Love Aura Spray by Love Energy Healing

LOVE Aura Spray with it's magical scents of Roses, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang supports you emotionally and adds a tingle of excitement and anticipation to your life!

Hope Aura Spray by Love Energy Healing

HOPE with its warm scents of Orange, Lavender and Rosemary, helps you to look ahead to the future and visualise the very best thing that you want for yourself.

Strength Aura Spray by Love Energy Healing

STRENGTH packs a punch to your senses, centering and balancing you in your own power.  Beautiful Rose, Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood oils connect with your soul helping you cope with any situation in your life.


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Take a Breath.

Visualise your Intention. 

Mist the Spray in your Aura.

Breathe Again.


There are no rules for how you use the sprays in your aura.. just go with what feels right for you.. it may be different each time!


You can spray 2 or 3 pumps of spray in your aura around your head and shoulders and around the back of your body and just let the spray mist down over you and inhale it if you want to.


You can spray the Aura Sprays into a room to give the energies a boost and clear any negativity.


You can also pump a couple of sprays into the palms of your hand, rub your palms together and then gently breathe in the spray that way.

Shake well before use. Not for consumption or internal use. Avoid contact with your eyes.

Aura Sprays Safety Information