About Me


I'm an energy healer, Reiki master and intuitive and work with people and animals to help them heal and rebalance their bodies and minds. 

During a healing session I open a connection with you and your spirit guides, and work with Usui Reiki and intuitive energy healing, as well as sound, light and hands-on energy bodywork as needed to enhance a healing session.

I also offer joint healing sessions between you and your animal, to help ease aches and pain, anxiety and behavioral problems that you may be experiencing.

Therapies and Qualifications

Reiki Master and Advanced Healing Skills

Reiki First and Second Degree for People and Animals

Energy Bodywork for Realignment and Psoas Release

Animal Acupressure Therapy

Telepathic Animal Communication

Red Light Phototherapy & Thermography for Animal Practitioners

Canine Tellington Touch Therapy

Vibrational Therapy Healing

Land Energy Clearing

Archangel Metatron Colour Healing

Anatomy and Physiology Diploma

Counselling Skills, Level 2 Diploma 

Spirit Healing Foundation Course


My 'Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki' Lineage

Mikao Usui

Dr Chujiro Hyashi

Mrs Hawayo Takata

Phyllis Lei Furumoto

Claudia Hoffman

Mary Shaw

Christine Henderson

Bruce Way

Neal Lyster

John Pickering

Martin Lee

Millie Song

Jo Rose

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