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Intuitive Energy Healing

Heal and balance your body, mind and soul and reconnect with the Divine YOU.

Rosy works as an Energy Healer and Intuitive with people and animals,  to guide and support you as you rebalance and transform your energy frequencies, so that you can heal and grow and become the best possible YOU

Balance means different things at different times.

If you're tired, you’ll feel refreshed.

If you're anxious, you’ll feel serene.

If you're distressed, you’ll feel comforted

If you're in pain, you'll feel ease and relief.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you’ll discover a renewed clarity and purpose.

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Energy healing is a natural way of working with your body's ability to heal itself and bring your body, mind and soul back into balance.

Feel more engaged and more in control of your life and your health.

Experience profound shifts deep within, inspiring change in your behaviour, habits or beliefs.

Release emotional traumas which manifest as physical ailments in the body

Develop your inner spiritual connection.

Begin to address the challenges in your life.

Strengthens your immune system.

Enjoy deeper and better quality sleep.

Support your body while receiving treatment for medical conditions.

Energy Healing will help YOU..

It’s good to meet you!

Hi, I’m Rosy,

I've been working as an energy healer and intuitive for over 20 years and was reading Tarot cards way back when I was in my teens! 

Reiki is an important part of the energy healing I do and I qualified as a Reiki Master in 2019. I was blessed to find an amazing teacher who taught me how to use Reiki and vibrational energy healing for healing animals as well as people.

I also work with sound, colour and crystals as well as Tarot and Oracle cards for personal guidance. 

So whether you're looking for help with emotional or physical problems, or simply want to receive guidance on your life.  I'm here to help you rebalance and clear your mind and body and allow you to heal and thrive.

Contact me today and let your healing process begin!


How energy healing can help you..

Everything in the world is energy. We are energy. Animals are energy. Nature is energy.

Everyone and everything is surrounded by their own field of energy - aura, biofield, ethereal body.. there are many names for it, but it's all the same thing. 

When we're emotionally out of balance through stress, grief, trauma, fear, or simply from years of conditioning or patterns of behaviour, our energy flow is affected and can become imbalanced, sluggish or blocked. Or it may go the other way and become over-active and over-stimulated. 

These imbalances can then shows up as physical conditions such as pain, inflammation, skin conditions, immune disorders, stress, anxiety, and they just generally affect the healthy functioning of the body's systems.

As an energy healer, Reiki master and Intuitive, I work with people and animals to help heal and rebalance these energies which then heals the physical, emotional and spiritual issues that are present. ​

Energy healing brings you into balance and works with your body's natural ability to heal on all levels

What happens during a healing session..

During a healing session I open a connection your guides and healers, and use intuitive energy healing and reiki, as well as sound, colour, light and oracle card readings, depending on what's needed to enhance the healing energies.

The whole body is treated rather than specific symptoms, working on the subtle energy systems of the body - the chakras, meridians and aura and also on every level - physical, emotional and spiritual - to trigger the body's self- healing ability.

Energy healing can also shift the energy around situations in your life that you are stuck in, clearing blocks so that you can get on with what you're here to do in life. 

The great thing about energy healing is that everyone and everything can benefit from it. 


A healing session will help you feel more balanced no matter what’s happening in your life and it's perfect for everyday well-being, as well as recovery and rehabilitation after illness, injury or trauma. It's safe and natural and is a wonderful complement to conventional medication and treatments.

How does distant healing work?

Energy doesn't need direct contact with you or your animal to connect and distant healing can be given from anyhere and at any time.


The universal quantum energies allow intention and thought to connect and resonate instantly with other energies and matter, no matter when or where they are. Many years of scientific research have shown the ability of human intention to affect the physical world at great distances.

I use intention to channel healing to you and I can 'feel' any energy imbalances or blocks in your energetic biofield and work to clear and rebalance them. 


I also connect with your spirit guides and healers and work with them on an intuitive level to find out what's needed. 


Energy Healing is great for Animals

Animals love energy healing and it can work with them for general wellness as well as supporting conventional veterinary medicine and treatments.

In sensitive animals it releases tension enabling them to cope better.

recommend it for relieving pain, anxiety and correcting behavioral problems. It can be very calming and help an agitated animal become a more acceptable pet. ​It's excellent for helping rehabilitate injured or traumatised animals.

I offer Reiki and energy healing to all types of pets and animals, whatever they need help with. It can be done at a distance or hands on, depending on the comfort and needs of the animal.

reiki healing for animals

Book your healing session

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Online distant healing sessions are perfect for everyone - especially if you're not local to me, need an urgent healing session or just love the idea of receiving the healing in the comfort of your own home!


An in-person session is very relaxing and calming and is great if you are looking for that personal interaction and hands-on bodywork. 

You can book a distant healing session for yourself, a loved one, a friend or any animal without either you or them having to be on a call with me - just let me know in message area during the booking process, or phone me to book and tell me who it's for. Distant healing can either be sent at a pre-booked time or while you or your animal are just going about your day.  However it's often better to book a specific time for a treatment so that you can be fully present during the experience and be more likely to pick up on the subtle sensations that happen during a session.

What you receive from your session depends on what you are ready and open for, and the healing and transformation will often continue for hours and sometimes days after the session.

Commit to your own healing & transformation

Start making those life changes you want right now! 

I can help rebalance your mind and body energies if you..

✨ need help with trauma or grief

✨ need physical or emotional healing

✨ are open to energy healing

✨ are ready to allow change in your life

✨ want to connect with your Divine self

Working over a 3 month period with energy healing, intuitive work and tarot card readings, you'll work with me on a one-to-one basis to help clear layers of old and recent emotional traumas, allowing your body's energies to be balanced and free flowing. 

It can help uncover and release the hidden emotions, past hurts and identity patterns that are keeping you stuck and unable to move forward. And through healing the emotional energies, it allows the physical body to heal and recover.

If this resonates with you then it's time to put yourself first and take control of your life.

✨ Start your healing today - you have nothing to lose! 

✨ Commit to the new you and book a series of 6 sessions and start making those life changes you want right now!