Energy & Reiki Healing

Gentle Healing for People & Animals

Balance Your Body & Mind

Energy healing is a gentle and natural way of working with your body's innate ability to heal itself and bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance whilst reducing pain, stress, anxiety and tension.


It's non-invasive, with no massage or manipulation and is given through the hands being gently placed on or near the body, as well as using sound, light and colour to balance your energies.

Energy healing benefits you on a physical or emotional level, and usually both!  What you receive from your session depends on what you are ready and open for and the healing and transformation often continues for hours and sometimes days after the session. 

Everyone and everything can benefit from energy healing and I work with both people and animals. It's perfect for everyday maintenance and well-being as well as for recovery and rehabilitation after illness, injury or trauma.

Whether it's for yourself or your animals, energy healing brings relief and balance to the body and mind. It's a gentle, natural and blissfully relaxing way to enhance the body's self-healing ability.  Energy healing is sent with positive intention for the highest good and most beneficial outcome.


Online healing sessions are very effective for both people and animals.  


Energy healing does not need direct contact for me to connect with you so it can be given at a distance at any time. This is ideal when treatment is needed quickly or when the person or animal cannot be with me in person.


You can also book a session for me to carry out a distant healing for a loved one or friend or any animal instead of yourself - just let me know in the message area during the booking process, or phone me to book and tell me who it's for.


Energy Healing for Animals

Animals love energy healing and it can being used on them for general wellness as well as supporting conventional veterinary medicine and treatments.

recommend it for relieving pain, anxiety and correcting behavioral problems. It can be very calming and help an agitated animal become a more acceptable pet. ​It's therefore excellent for helping rehabilitate injured or traumatised animals.

I offer Reiki and energy healing to all types of pets and animals, whatever they need help with. It can be done at a distance or hands on, depending on the comfort and needs of the animal.


You and Your Pets in Balance


Excited to connect deeply with your pet and to strengthen your loving relationship and enjoy great health for both of you? Then you need to work with me.

My healing system The Ultimate Connection uses energy healing and bodywork to help you both become pain free, emotionally balanced and to thrive.


You'll enjoy shared healing sessions, to ease aches and pain, anxiety and behavioral problems that both of you may be experiencing and I'll show you how to use energy healing to love and support your pet.

Book a FREE call with me to discover how you can enjoy the Ultimate Connection between your pet and you.

I'll show you the simple programme that we will work through and you'll discover how to quickly improve the health of both you, create a balanced relationship and enjoy an amazing connection with your pet!

There are many wonderful benefits of Energy Healing.

Pain Relief

Allows healing energy to flow freely throughout the body reducing pain and tension


Eases stress and tension allowing feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation. In sensitive animals it releases tension enabling them to cope better

Immune System 

Strengthens the immune system and enhances wellness both physically and spiritually

Emotional Issues

Creates profound, often subtle shifts from deep within, inspiring change in behaviour, attitudes or beliefs and allowing us to deal with emotional issues in a more positive way

Recovery & Rehabilitation

Promotes recovery after illness, injury or trauma by allowing the body to return to its natural balance and health.


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