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Tails are a Biggie!

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

If you're a cat or dog owner you'll know that tails are a biggie and they tell us a lot! They tell you when you're in the good books, when you're being annoying or when you've crossed the line!

They also tell you whether your pet is happy, sad, scared or upset.

But did you know that the tail area is also where your cat or dog can hold a lot of tension, stress and feelings of insecurity. The base area of the tail is where the Root Chakra is located and this relates to security, physical survival, and fear.

Our pet's don't just worry about themselves, or whether next-door's dog stared at them a bit too long this morning.. or the local huge tom-cat has invaded their garden again!

They also worry about their human family and any stress or arguments in the home can upset them a lot - often without us realising it.

So one way you can help your pet relax and destress is to give their tails a bit of loving energy bodywork and use a gentle tail hold to release the tension that's going on in that area.

Tails are very sensitive to touch, so the first few times you try this you may get some resistance and indignant looks, but please persevere!

1. Wait until your pet is relaxed and sitting with you, and start with gentle pressure strokes along their back and sides. Make sure you are focused on stroking your pet and keep your own breathing slow and relaxed.

2. As they relax into it, bring the stokes down along the back and carry the stroke on down through the full length of the tail. Do this 3 or 4 times until they've got used to you touching their tail.

3. Then on the next stroke along the back stop at the base of the tail and gently grasp the tail and just hold it, using slight pressure. Hold it for about 5 seconds and then finish off the stroke to the end of the tail.

4. As you do this, imagine you're drawing out any tense or stressed energy from your pet, and when you reach the end of the tail, open your hand and let that energy flow away. Take a deep breath, relax and do the same again 4 or 5 times - or as long as your pet will let you.

5. Talk quietly and gently to them at the same time, ask them to relax and tell them that things are okay and they don't have to worry or be responsible for taking care of you.

6. Watch for signs or relaxing such as their eyes softening and maybe closing, yawning, dribbling, or stretching and settling themselves down. Allow them to enjoy this moment of security and relaxation with you.

Here's Popsy enjoying a quick tail hold tone-up! The first time you try this your animal might just get up and walk away, because you're doing something that feels different to them.

But do keep trying with this technique as it's a lovely way to help your pets relax and let go of stress, as well as building up the trust and loving connection you have with them!

Let me know how you get on with it and if you have any great results and reactions!



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