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How to Ask Yourself Anything..

Do you sometimes want to know what's going on with your Self - but don't who or how to ask?

I often use a pendulum in energy healing to determine specific areas to work on such as chakras or levels within the aura. I also use it for tracking energy flows and identifying and clearing external energy blocks or geopathic stresses which can affect houses or the land.

It's easy to do it yourself and once you start, you'll find yourself using it everywhere and for everything! So grab yourself a pendulum and give it a try!

You can use whatever you feel connected to... a crystal pendulum, a necklace, a ring on a chain.. anything that swings (well except the ones that drop their car keys in a bowl!)😳

How to ask yourself anything with a pendulum..

1. Hold the pendulum chain lightly between your thumb and forefinger and allow it to hang loosely and become still.

2. Take a few slow deep breaths, clear your mind and focus on the pendulum.

3. First you need to find out what your base 'Yes' and 'No' responses look like.

4. Ask the pendulum to show you a ‘Yes’ and wait for it to start moving.. note whether it moves backwards, forwards, left, right, or in a clockwise or anti-clockwise circular motion. Do the same to get your ‘No’ response. It good to do this at the start of each session to check.

5. Once you have your base responses, you can start asking your pendulum anything you want.. as long as it’s in a yes or no format. Sometimes the pendulum will just hang straight and not move.. so try asking your question in a different way.


Start your Questions!

Think of the person, object or subject you want to ask about and picture it clearly in your mind.

Ask your question either out loud or in your mind and wait for the pendulum to give you your answer..

It's as simple as that! Have fun with it.. get serious with it.. just enjoy it.. you might just be surprised by the results! And be amazed by your new super-power! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️



If you're looking for help with emotional or physical problems, or simply want to receive guidance on your life, I'm here to help you rebalance and clear your mind and body and allow you to heal and thrive. An online healing session or a card reading with me is a great way to start!



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