Healing you and your animal - together

As an animal lover and owner, you understand the deep connection that there is between you and your pets.


You also know that when one of you is not feeling 100%, the other one senses it and both of you are affected.


When your animal gets sick, you can feel scared, helpless, and often guilty that you can't 'fix it' for them.  And when you're under the weather or upset, they can feel it in your energy field and they can feel stressed and anxious.  

The Ultimate Connection is my system of working with both you and your animal at the same time using energy healing and bodywork to help you both become pain free, emotionally balanced and to thrive.

You'll enjoy shared healing sessions to work on any physical and emotional problems that either of you may be experiencing and I'll show you how you to use energy healing to love and support your pet.

It's perfect for you if you want to; 

  • receive energy healing for both you and your pet individually and jointly

  • find out how to connect with your animals on a deep healing level

  • learn how to work with healing energy and bodywork techniques to help both you and your animals feel better and re-balanced

It's a 10 month program and you';ll receive

  • a monthly 1-hour joint energy healing session for you and your pet

  • a monthly 30-minute video call with me to discuss your progress and receive additional healing where required

  • email & SMS messaging support


Are you excited to learn how energy healing can help you connect deeply with your pet, strengthen your loving relationship and enjoy great health for both of you?

Then book a free discovery call with me now and I'll walk you through the programme and we can find out if it's something that feels right for you to go ahead with.

No pressure, no obligation - I'm here to help you and your animals in the best way possible!

Enjoy an amazing simultaneous healing session with you and your animal.


At the moment, because of the coronavirus, the healing work will be done remotely with Distant Healing and can also be done through a live video session on Zoom between me, you, your animal


This allows you to interact with each other, ask questions and monitor the healing and changes that are taking place as the healing session progresses.


Energy healing does not need direct contact to connect and heal, and it can be given at a distance at any time. This is ideal when treatment is needed quickly or when the person or animal cannot be with us directly. The Universal healing energies can be sent to any person or animal, to anywhere in the world and it will reach the intended recipient.