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Unlocking Happiness: The Surprising Power of Practicing Acceptance

Discover how embracing acceptance can transform your life, even in the face of the 'unacceptable'. Don't miss out on this life-changing insight..

We’ve all heard that acceptance is the trick to living a happy, worry-free life. However, some things are just unacceptable, right?

Well, sort of..

You see, “Acceptance” has two definitions. The one we’re most familiar with is the one that allows us to accept new friends into our circles or accept something good into our lives. This kind of acceptance means that whatever you’re accepting is adequate, favourable, or, you know, “Acceptable.”

However, the core definition of “Acceptance” is to receive what’s offered. This kind of acceptance comes into play when you accept a gift. This is the acceptance that accepts the passing of a loved one. This is the acceptance that accepts that the sky is blue, even though you might want it to be cotton-candy pink. This type of acceptance keeps you sane, and in touch with reality.


Here are 3 simple ways to practice acceptance for your health and happiness…

Practice Acceptance and Receiving
  1. Accept What’s Happening

  2. Accept Your Limitations

  3. Accept Uncertainty

In the world of Improv Comedy, players “construct” scenarios and act them out on stage. The trick? They accept everything that’s offered, then add something to it.

Accepting things for the way they are is the only real way to make them the way you want them to be.

How Will You Practice Acceptance Today?

Rather than giving into your judgements or attempting to micro-manage your experience, take a deep breath and accept that “It’s like this now.”

You can’t do everything. You can’t control everything. Accept that you can only do so much, and you’ll gain access to the strength and energy needed to do what you can, with everything you have.

Maybe things will turn out great. Maybe they’ll turn out horribly. You don’t know, and that’s okay. You can’t really forecast the future, so relax, and let go of the need to know.

Have a great week and lots of love, Rosy xx


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