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How will you focus more on the Positive today?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

People who experience high emotional intensity often discount pleasurable life events. They take little notice of positive emotions like love, surprise and joy.

And they dwell on negative emotions like anger, fear and sadness. Because of their mental filters, the sunshine just doesn’t get through.

If you find yourself dwelling in negative emotions here are two simple, yet powerful activities you can begin today..


Create a list of activities that bring you pleasure. Name it something like: “Things that Put a Smile on My Face”. Use the ideas below to jump starts your list:

1. Call that favourite relative or friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with.

2. Buy yourself some beautiful flowers.

3. Visit an art gallery, museum, or a shop you absolutely love.

4. Download all the episodes of a favourite TV show and have a marathon viewing.

5. Get in you comfy clothes, turn off your phone and do a jigsaw for the afternoon.

6. Take the family to a local animal park, or donkey rescue centre and give the animals some love.

Your goal is to list at least 20 different items - 50 is even better! If you struggle with creating the list, take time to recall past pleasurable moments in your life. Keep the list handy and commit to doing at least one pleasurable activity daily.


Create a log to record at least one positive experience every single day. The activity doesn’t have to be “over the top,” but it must be something that brings you joy, a sense of accomplishments or any other positive emotion.

Yes, you will still experience distressing or negative emotions in life. Some days are simply more challenging than others. However, by planning for positive moments and recalling and savoring positive experiences, you will not be dominated by the negative. And by creating more awareness around positive emotions, you will find that you feel better, lighter and happier more often than not.

How will you focus more on the positive today?

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