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The Strength aura spray brings the essence of strong, grounding and manifesting energies, supporting you when you need to feel secure, centred and balanced in your own power.


It allows you to feel connected with your soul, proud and able to support yourself and cope with any situation in your life.

  • With Strength you can feel restored, be strong and manifest what you want in life. Strength Aura Spray helps provide us with our connection to our true spiritual path and strengthens our commitment to our chosen path, and it supports the Root and Sacral chakras. 


    The Strength spray elixirs are created at the time of the Full Moon when the moon energies are at their strongest, to help you acknowledge your emotions and allow yourself to release and let go of whatever is holding you back or getting you down.

    The energetics of Archangel Metatron add the high vibrational energies to help us clear out negative beliefs and fears, heal past traumas and help us find our true purpose in life.


    The custom blend of Louise Andrew Wellness Bach Flower Remedies uses Elm to help you feel capable & confident in your ability to cope and lessens feelings of overwhelm and indequacy, while Olive can help restore peace of mind, vitality, strength and resilience and alleviates feelings of mind weariness and exhaustion.


    For Mum

    The Strength Aura Spray holds a special place in my heart. It was created with love in memory of my beautiful mum Dorothy, who transitioned in January 2021.  Mum was the strongest and wisest person I will ever know and she loved the amazing fragrance of roses and ylang ylang essential oils. The smell of this spray is like a warm hug from my mum and connects me with her eternal soul.


    How to Use

    Pause. Take a Breath. Visualise your Intention. Mist the spray in your Aura. Breathe Again. Relax. 

    Shake well before using. Not for consumption or internal use. Avoid contact with your eyes.

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