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Joy Aura Spray offers you a boost of energy and possibility and tells you that Life is going well!


Joy can help spark creativity, deepen your connection with others and lifts the vibration in your aura the space around you to recharge you.

  • With the energetics of the colour Yellow, the Joy aura spray gives you a burst of zesty lemon, grapefruit and bergamot and supports your solar plexus and heart chakras to fill you with confidence, lightness and wisdom.


    It brings a sense of well-being, raises your frequency and helps you feel happiness and joy. Use Joy to remember how simple life can be and to remind you to focus on the wonderful things in your life.


    The custom blend of Louise Andrew Wellness Bach Flower Remedies uses Hornbeam to restore vitality and certainty to your thinking so you can get things done and enjoy life again, while easing feelings of doubt about your ability to cope, lethargy and mental exhaustion. Clematis lifts your energy vibration, brings you back to earth where you can fulfil your dreams and  promises, regain your creativity and feel the joy in life again, It removes feelings of disinterest, unhappiness and not being grounded.


    The Moon elixirs of Joy were created at the time of the New Moon and offers the energies of manifesting something exciting, healthy and new!


    The energetics of Archangel Jophiel help you keep an open mind to universal truths and to discern reality and lessen misunderstandings. They bring sunshine and radiance to the moment.


    How to Use

    Pause. Take a Breath. Visualise your Intention. Mist the spray in your Aura. Breathe Again. Relax. 

    Shake well before using. Not for consumption or internal use. Avoid contact with your eyes.

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