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Hope allows us to feel curious and anticipate wonderful things coming to us in the future. It brings the sensation of being alert and ready to explore possibilities. 


Use Hope to help you look ahead at what might be coming and visualise the very best thing that you want for yourself.

  • When change is happening in our lives, we hope and anticipate that it will be good for us and we'll get what we are dreaming of. 


    The Hope aura spray supports us in voicing our hopes and dreams and helps when setting our intentions for what we want to manifest into our lives. It strengthens the Thymus chakra and helps rebalance our immunity from emotional knocks and struggles.


    The Hope spray elixirs were created at the time of the New Moon bring you their energies to help you manifest your desires. Use it with the intention of hope for your future and to help you connect with your intuitive intelligence and to tap into your creativity.


    The energy vibration of the colour green helps with creativity and personal growth. Jade Crystal gives you the wisdom to see past self-limitations and helps you clear any negative patterns holding you back from your full potential, while the oils in Hope are perfect for grounding and are emotionally balancing and calming.


    The custom blend of Louise Andrew Wellness Bach Flower Remedies uses Sweet Chestnut to help you feel in full control of your emotions and restore your optimism and faith in the future, and lessens feelings of hopelessness and bleakness, exhaustion and loneliness. Wild Oat helps you gain a clearer sense of purpose and certainty of commitment and is sometimes known as the 'Destiny Remedy', and removes feelings of uncertainty and indecision.


    The gentle and supportive healing energetics of Archangel Raphael completes the Hope spray and helps us enjoy health abundance and prosperity. Create your own reality and make your beliefs and thoughts rich, joyous and full of vitality and serving your highest good.


    How to Use

    Pause. Take a Breath. Visualise your Intention. Mist the spray in your Aura. Breathe Again. Relax. 

    Shake well before using. Not for consumption or internal use. Avoid contact with your eyes.

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