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What Connects You with the Schumann Resonance and Reiki?

We are all Energy Beings

We are all beings of light and energy and our physical, emotional and spiritual physical health are dependent on our energy being balanced and fully energised.

The Universe is the source of all our energy, in varying states of vibration and frequency, and everything that exists is made up of energy that constantly flows and changes form.

Living beings, according to quantum physics, have no actual physical structure but are simply vibrational patterns of interactive energy. Our atoms are an invisible vibrating energy and the way we perceive this energy, whether as a solid, liquid or gas, depends upon the vibrational speed of the atom. Our different vibrational patterns are what give everything its own unique signature and what makes us all entirely different from one another.

Plasma and The Biofield

Space rather than being empty it is full of plasma - the fourth state of matter beyond gases, solids and liquids. Plasma is invisible to the eye but is constantly in motion, moving in waves, structures and pathways. The activity of plasma is what gives us lightning and brings us the beauty of the Northern Lights.

Plasma is also found in the form of bioplasma which is created uniquely by living organisms through the processes necessary for life. It exists in the form of an electromagnetic field around our body known as the biofield.

Bioplasma reflects the electrical, magnetic and sound activities within our bodies and we can therefore use it to diagnose the state of our health. Work within the Biofield is not metaphysical, paranormal or quantum, but simply uses the Newtonian physics of resonance and entrainment.

Research into the human biofield by Eileen Day McKusick, shows that it extends to about 6 feet all around and up to 2 feet above and below us, running up and down through the core of our body and creating a doughnut shaped or toroidal field.

The Schumann Resonance

In The Science of Reiki, Ruth Evans states that during a Reiki session the bio-magnetic field of a practitioner’s hand is at least 1,000 times greater than normal and suggests that by connecting with the energy of the Earth it allows the healer to draw in from the universal energy field via the Schumann Resonance.

The Schumann Resonance frequencies are a spectrum of naturally occurring electromagnetic signals from approximately 4.11 Hz to well over 100 Hz. They are generated primarily by lightning strikes and circulate in the space between the negatively charged Earth and the positively charged ionosphere.

The Schumann Resonance generally refers to the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the Earth - often called the heartbeat of the Earth - a 7.83 Hz standing wave which is present in the environment as a continual electromagnetic pulse. Whether by coincidence or not, it also happens to be a very powerful frequency to use with brainwave entrainment.

Human and animal brain waves can function in the same wavelength as the Schumann Resonance. The frequency is received by our pineal gland, which is slightly magnetic and is located near the centre of the brain and controls a number of functions including the regulation of our hormonal system.

Interestingly the 7.83 Hz is within the alpha range of brainwave frequency which is associated with calm, meditative and creative states and it has been found that healers and shamans brain wave patterns tend to be tuned to around 8Hz during healing work.

It would therefore seem that when our brainwaves are in the alpha state and in sync with the Schumann Resonance we are in an optimum frame of mind.

Vibration Healing with Tuning Forks

Tuning Fork therapy uses sound vibrational waves to help the body correct and release energy imbalances and blockages both within our Biofield and within the body itself. It's a very powerful method that can help in many ways - physical, mental, emotional, environmental and ancestral.​

Tuning forks which when struck, create sound vibration waves which connect with and support the natural frequencies of the body. The Schumann Resonance is the same harmonics frequency that Eileen Day McKusick claims Biofield Tuning works with.

It is possible to identify both the limits of the human biofield and areas of imbalance within it by using a tuning fork to detect changes in sound and vibration.

The tuning fork then facilitates healing as the sound vibrations produced by tuning forks work within the body's natural electromagnetic field and the body reacts to these vibrations by re-balancing and clearing the energy in and around the body. The body naturally wants to be in a healthy state and when the tuning fork is played in an area of imbalance in the biofield or placed on an area of the body where healing is needed, the body will resonate with that vibration and through entrainment, bring itself back into balance to match the sound vibration.

How Reiki Healing is Complemented with Tuning Forks

Reiki healing and tuning fork therapy both work within the body’s electromagnetic field and within the Schuman Resonance frequencies. Using Tuning Forks together with Reiki during a healing session can enhance and complement the healing effect of Reiki. It can also provide additional information for the practitioner as to where the energy imbalances are.

During a Reiki session the healer can feel the energy imbalances and blocks through their hands and sometimes they can also see the changes in energy and the electromagnetic field around their client.

When they use the tuning forks as well during a session, the changes in sound of the tuning fork as it’s brought into the Biofield as well as changes felt in vibrations on the body, are a very physical way for the patient to be aware of what the Reiki healer is feeling or seeing.

The Connection between our bodies, Reiki and Vibrational Healing

As beings of light and energy we are all just wave forms of vibration and therefore treating both people and animal with Reiki energy together with the sound vibrations of tuning forks makes perfect sense.

Both Reiki and tuning fork therapy work within the electromagnetic biofield and within the Schumann Resonance harmonics frequencies. Both are effective when used on or off the body and use the body’s ability to resonate and entrain with vibrations to rebalance, release and clear the energy flows throughout the body. Both therapies rely on the ability of the healer to sense the differences and changes in the energy of their patient.

These similarities between the two modalities are such that it’s very easy for a Reiki healer to understand and integrate tuning forks into a session to complement and enhance the healing energies.



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