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Lessons in Grief and Love..

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Missing our beautiful loved ones who have recently transitioned and aren’t with us on this Earth anymore doesn’t seem to get any less. It slowly gets easier though, to feel more normal each day without feeling like your heart’s being squeezed and you can’t breathe.

This post does have a point to it, but I want to give it some context from a personal point of view, so I ask you bear with me for a bit 🙏🏻

Sunday’s are the worst days for me. I miss not phoning Mum just to catch up on the week and then listen to dad ramble on about something I have no idea about, but still listen just because it’s Dad.

In October 2020 when Mum had just been diagnosed with cancer, I started writing my thoughts down. I stopped when she went in for surgery and our family’s world turned upside down. This morning I came across the last journal entry I wrote and it made me smile to realise that the things I was intending for and being grateful for back then have actually come into BEing..

I wrote..

“I’m so grateful that I have close family and friends who are working towards living at a higher frequency and are living with compassion and gratitude.

That’s all we all have to do, you know.. just be grateful for what you have, show compassion and love to all life on the planet.. humans, animals, plants, the Earth. Speak to our guides and helpers and our loved ones who are in spirit. They’re there to help us always 💕

Today, I’m really feeling shitty and sad about Mum having mouth cancer and being in pain. She doesn’t deserve it. She’s never done any harm to anyone, she’s lived an honest, kind life, been there for all of us whenever we’ve needed her. She has eaten a healthy diet for years. And then wham, she gets this nasty, painful tumour in her tongue and she’s in pain, can’t eat properly, can’t speak, can’t sleep…

I thank God and the Universe that the doctors have dealt with her so quickly and given her so many amazing tests. I thank God for science and technology and for the doctors and all those who work in hospitals and doctors surgeries, and thank God that we have free access to them all. 🙏🏻

We’ll know in a couple of days what they plan to do for Mum with surgery. The thought of mum having to go into hospital alone, makes me sad and scared and I pray the surgery is small and fast and that she’s back home very quickly so we can help her get better.

And I pray that dad keeps being dad and being amazingly strong like he always I s. I can’t believe both dad and mum have got cancer within 10 months. It’s like they have their own little WWG1WGA thing going on between themselves 💪🏻💕🙏🏻

I’m grateful to have them as such a beautiful example of just getting on with things when shit happens, and still caring and helping us all out, despite what they’re going through.They really are strong and beautiful parents and I’m so grateful we all got them in our Soul contracts xx 😇🥰😇

15 months later and now they’re both gone.. just like that. Life really can be just that bit too short sometimes..

And now to the point of my post today..

I was talking with a friend this week about missing our parents, and she gave me the best advice that I needed to hear..

“When you’re thinking about them and talking with them, just see them as they are now.. not how they were.”

So I see mum sitting next to me in a huge, soft comfy armchair with her cup of tea and a big slice of Angel Cake.. has to be really!.. and she's laughing and smiling and nodding her approval of what we’re all doing down here.. and she’s watching all the things she’s helping us manifest fall into place.

I see Dad still recovering and getting his strength back after his own transition, but he’s sitting with mum in his own huge chair and she’s teaching him how to be stronger than ever and he’s just holding out his hand to us and waiting to give us one of his great big Dad hugs..

And that’s the trick to it I think. We know they’re still with us but we can also take comfort that they’re carrying on with their own cosmic lives, expanding and growing and becoming what the cosmos needs them to be.

And knowing that can bring you peace and acceptance.

I chose a Starseed Oracle card to go with today's post and up came 'Child of the Cosmos'.. which is exactly what we all are, and the cosmic intelligence within us knows just when and how to bloom.. watch below for the full meaning,,




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