Energy Healing brings you into balance and works with your body's natural ability to heal itself on all levels

How does Reiki work?

Reiki is an original method of energy healing, developed by Mikao Usui in Japan early in the 20th century. 

Reiki is transmitted through the hands with the healer gently placing their hands on or near the body. It is non invasive with no massage or manipulation.


The whole body is treated rather than specific symptoms and it works on every level - physical, emotional and spiritual - to promote the body's self- healing ability.

Reiki works on the subtle energy systems of the body - the chakras, meridians and aura. A treatment realigns and redistributes the energy in our bodies in order to restore health, support the physical body and promote a positive mind so you can experience more health and joy in life.

The great thing about Reiki is that you don't have to be ill to experience the benefits. Everyone can benefit from Reiki and it is effective on both people and animals. Reiki healing is safe and natural, and is a wonderful addition to conventional medication and treatments and other complementary therapies. 

Reiki cannot completely heal or cure any disorder or disease but it is sent with positive intention for the most beneficial outcome.

Bring Balance To Your Body

Reiki can help you feel more balanced no matter what’s happening in your life. Your body can only self-heal when your nervous system is balanced and by encouraging your system toward balance, Reiki healing can help you in many situations;

  • Helps you feel more engaged, more in control of your life and your health

  • Can help you sleep better and deeper

  • Supports your body while receiving treatment for medical conditions

  • Helps you to address the challenges in your life

  • Allows you to develop your inner spiritual connection

Balance means different things at different times. If you are tired, you’ll feel refreshed. If you are anxious, you’ll feel serene. If you are distressed, you’ll feel comforted.


Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you’ll discover a renewed clarity and purpose. And these subjective changes come with physical changes associated with deep relaxation, such as a slower heart rate and easier breathing.

Your first Reiki session usually brings improvement to your symptoms and the benefits grow with repeated sessions. 

Balance means different things at different times.


Distant Healing

Reiki does not need direct contact to connect and heal so can also be given at a distance at any time. This is ideal when treatment is needed quickly or when the person or animal cannot be with me directly.


Reiki is a universal healing energy and can be sent to any person or animal, from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world, and it will reach the intended recipient.

You can also book a session for a distant healing for a loved one or friend or any animal instead of yourself - just let me know in message area during the booking process, or phone me to book and tell me who it's for.

Distant Reiki Healing can either sent at a pre-booked time or while you or your animal is just going about your day.  However it's preferable to agree specific time for a treatment so that you can be fully present during the experience and will be more likely to pick up on the often subtle sensations that arise during a session.


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