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Power Up Consultation
Intuitive Energy Healing

Healing for Your Body, Mind & Soul

If you need a quick power-up healing session or you're curious what an energy healing sesssion is like, then a mini-consulation is perfect for you.


It's a quick but powerful session where I learn about your personal situation and recommend practical next steps to continue your personal healing journey. 


You'll receive some wonderful energy healing and an insight into your life!

During this 15-minute mini-consultation and healing session you'll;

  • discover how I can help you with what you need

  • experience a healing and clearing session

  • receive an intuitive card reading for guidance on what you need to know

  • have a summary of the session is emailed to you afterwards

I'll be working with your energy field and spirit guides to offer healing for the main issues you need help with as well as clearing any energy imbalances and blockages.


I'll also use a selection of oracle cards to offer you an intuitive reading for the area that is most important to you at the moment.


A personal summary of the session will be emailed to you afterwards.