Enhance the well-being of your animals with Energy Healing

Energy Healing for Animals


Animals suffer from physical illnesses and health conditions and at times they sustain injuries or may require surgery. As they get older they can suffer from aches and pains and mental health and emotional issues are common and can often result in behavioral problems.

Energy Healing is not a magical cure and is not an alternative to veterinary care but it promotes and is enjoyed by many animals.

Animals love healing and energy bodywork and are very receptive to it. Most animals understand and recognise the body’s natural process of self-healing as they give out healing energy themselves.

Energy healing helps bring about general wellness and is excellent as a support to conventional veterinary medicine. It is great for treating pain, anxiety and behavioral problems and can be calming and help an agitated animal become a more acceptable pet.


It can help animals suffering from physical and performance issues, or have difficulty maintaining a healthy condition, have behavioural problems or other physical issues.

Energy healing involves gentle physical contact with the animal and by noticing the animal’s behavioural responses, we can allow them to help guide the session to suit their needs.


Benefits for Animals


Energy Healing can help animals release tension and cope better with their surrounding and environment. It can also enhance animal telepathic communication, and be done from a distance. 

Distance energy healing can help stressed, nervous and injured animals anywhere in the world and for any type of pet or animal, no matter what they have been through. Animal healing can help with illness, allergies, pre & post-surgical recovery and rehabilitation, emotional and behavioural issues, and can also help with dietary and eating issues.


Best of all, animal healing is self-guided and animals are very accepting as they find it very accessible to themselves as a self-healing tool.​

With energy healing for animals, we set the intention for the session as positive and it does not rely on any type of belief system by you or your animals for it to work. 

  • Animal Healing reduces stress and relaxes nervous pets & animals

  • It helps with emotional issues and creates a place of peace and safety

  • Great for trauma, PTSD issues, animal rescues, lost & missing pets

  • Especially good for fearful, scared, hard to transport animals

  • Long distance healing is done in the comfort of your home with no visitors intruding on pets


Animal Communication


Animal communication is an ability we humans are all born with. By engaging in a two-way conversation with them and relaying information and messages from the animal, we can find out what they want you to know and help resolve behavioural issues. 

It's a way of connecting with another species through a series of thoughts and hearing what they see, feel, taste or sense through a subtle exchange of vibrations and is all about getting information telepathically rather than through body language.

When two animals meet eye to eye for the first time, they will pause for a moment, maybe longer, sometimes sniff each other up and down. There is a much deeper conversation going on between them and every animal communicates this way on a telepathic level.

Animal communication together with energy healing can help your animals feel more comforted and helps deepen your relationship with them.

  • General check-in: How is your animal companion doing and feeling about things. Have they adjusted to a recent change; want different food; getting enough exercise? How are they feeling physically and emotionally? Understanding how your pet feels and sees the human world can make a huge difference in how you can help them in all aspects of their life with you.

  • Behavior issues: Once you know why the animal is behaving in a particular way, problems such as barking, chewing or aggressive behavior towards other pets or people can often be resolved. 

  • Changes at home: Let your animals know when changes are going to happen such as moving, a new person coming or leaving the home, you're going on holiday or your daily routine is changing. 

  • Death and Dying: It can make it easier for both you and your pet at the end of life if you know how they are feeling. You can ask if they want help in passing or how they can be made more comfortable. 


You and Your Pets in Balance


Excited to connect deeply with your pet and to strengthen your loving relationship and enjoy great health for both of you? Then you need to work with me.

My healing system The Ultimate Connection uses energy healing and bodywork to help you both become pain free, emotionally balanced and to thrive.


You'll enjoy shared healing sessions, to ease aches and pain, anxiety and behavioral problems that both of you may be experiencing and I'll show you how to use energy healing to love and support your pet.

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Tellington TTouch Therapy


I incorporate TTouch as part of a therapy session to complement the Reiki and energy healing, as and when required.


Tellington Touch (TTouch) is a unique hands-on touch therapy designed to support animals through times of stress, trauma and problematic behaviour. 

It is a method of working with animals using gentle touch and without fear or force. The non-habitual movements release tension using gentle bodywork and physically balancing groundwork exercises.


TTouch increases awareness and sensation, reduces stress, fear and nervousness. It also redirects habitual behaviour patterns, builds confidence and focus, eases pain and stiffness due to aging or injury and enhances the learning process.